Free football picks - why do you need them?


Depending on what sports betting means to you, you may or may not take proper handicapping seriously. I mean there are people out there who only bet on sports to provide themselves with another reason to watch the games.

If you belong to this category, you obviously don't have to worry about handicapping at all. Just stick with your favorite team, but be aware that what you are essentially doing through such recreational sports betting is purchasing entertainment, as in paying to be entertained.

Those who bet on sports for different reasons, can't take matters that lightly though. The very least one should do is to learn how to properly handicap upcoming games. There are countless variables involved in handicapping, and it will probably take you quite some time until you get the hang of things. Decent handicappers aren’t just born or made in a week or two. It takes experience, it takes prowess and it takes a more than thorough understanding of the mechanics of the game.

The biggest problem is that the fact that you're a decent handicapper doesn't guarantee you will be a successful sports bettor as well. Becoming good at handicapping is basically just the first step of a process, which may eventually prove too tedious and too long for you to be worth the trouble.

On top of being able to handicap games properly, you need to be equally adept at reverse handicapping games too, and this is where situation degenerates. Reverse handicapping is mainly about tracking the lines and about drawing conclusions from various line movements. Simply tracking lines is obviously not enough, you need to understand why lines move, and you need to become a full-time bloodhound, always snooping after the hidden value.

This is not something just anybody off the street can accomplish. This takes serious time and dedication and if you are not willing to feed the monster all it requires, you won't ever really be successful. Now I do understand that most sports bettors are square, meaning that they are recreational bettors, and as such they cannot afford to sacrifice a large part of their lives on the altar of sports betting success.

These people can basically go down one of two roads when it comes to sports gambling. They can either just steer clear of it, or they can turn to sports picks. Since the NFL is one of the most popular betting markets, most sports picks services are focused on NFL games too.

Obviously, truly lucrative and successful picks services cost money. The handicappers working for these online operations can't provide any services for free, yet there are free football picks offered out there as well. Just how much value is in such free picks though, and how can these sites afford to have their handicappers work for free?

The reason is apparently a simple one: they don't work for free after all. Most reputable online handicappers offer players free picks in exchange for their e-mail addresses, or as bonuses attached to paid-for picks packages. Many such picks come in the shape of full-size articles in which the author provides a thorough insight into the way he handicaps his picks, offering pro and con arguments for every point he makes.

Taking advantage of such free picks offers, can and will probably make you a better handicapper too. If you find a handicapping service which you feel you can trust, signing up to it will save you tons of time, and it will definitely improve your overall results as well.

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